More than 50% of Seniors are online

Terry Norris & Ron Dion

We are finding that over 50% of Seniors are online

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Aging population drives demand for senior housing

When Frances Wulf, 92, made the decision to stop driving and sell her car, she began to look for her next step.

Wulf, who moved to Valparaiso from Wisconsin to be near her kids about three years ago, had lived independently until the age of 91. One day Wulf surprised her daughter by saying she wanted to look at the rooms at Rittenhouse Senior Living in Valparaiso.  Read More


Smart Exercises for healthy knees

Clicking and grinding. Pain when we run.  An ache when we go up or down stairs. Stiffness when we sit too long.  Our knees are the largest and most complicated joints in our bodies, and we put a lot of wear on them. No wonder we’re likely to have problems. In fact, knee problems are more common in women than men because our wider hips put more pressure on our kneecaps

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